Sweet and Savory Snacks & Meals 

Belgian Liege Waffles (Gofré pronounced Go-fray) 

We first discovered Gofrés at a gelatería in Barcelona where they were served with various toppings and an optional scoop of gelato. We later encountered this unique liege-style waffle in Paris (Gaufré de Liege) and Istanbul where it is simply called a Waffle. After some research, we discovered this dense rectangular waffle originated in Belgium where it is consumed as a popular street food without toppings. It is made fresh with a yeast dough as opposed to a Brussels Belgian waffle which is made with batter. It consists of simple, wholesome ingredients: yeast, flour, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, milk, pure vanilla extract and Belgian Pearl sugar which caramelizes during cooking and gives it a unique sugary crunch. Our gofrés can be enjoyed alone, with toppings or with a side of ham for a complete meal. 


Original 3.95 

Nutella 4.75 

Peanut Butter 4.75 

Strawberry 4.75 

Apricot 4.75 

Fig 4.75 

Date and Walnuts 6.25 

Coconut Pecan 6.25 

Add a side of ham drizzled w/Oilerie aged balsamic vinegar 4.00 


Whipped cream .50 

Nuts 1.50 

Side scoop of gelato 2.25 

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